Carving Ski

As one of the one-stop service brands of ski resort equipment and equipment in China, our company has a complete, authoritative and professional after-sales service system for ski resort equipment and equipment, which can provide timely and systematic after-sales service quality.

Equipment and equipment operation instruction

1. Reasonable Suggestions on the purchase of snow farm equipment and equipment;
2. Guide the operation of ski equipment;
3. Suggestions on safe operation of snow farm equipment and equipment.

Job training and guidance for each post

1) manage the construction and configuration guidance of organizational structure;
2) responsibilities of each post and guidance of formulating rules and regulations;
3) guidance on the formulation of safety management system for snow resorts;
4) marketing training and marketing channel Suggestions;
5) job training for each position;
6) training on the reception process of the ski resort.

Equipment maintenance after snow season

1) snow farm equipment and equipment after-sales follow-up visit;
2) guidance on recycling and storage of safety protection facilities outside the site;
3) transportation system maintenance guidance;
4) maintenance guidance for snow making system;
5) maintenance and storage guidance of snow making and snow compaction equipment;
6) guidance on recovery and storage of snow tools and equipment;
7) instruction on maintenance and storage of hippie equipment and equipment;
8) maintenance guidance for piste.

After-sales service commitment

With Beijing as the center, many branches in China ensure timely after-sales service. The equipment purchased is maintained for two snow seasons free of charge. Once the contract is concluded and the customer orders are issued, the after-sales service period will be unlimited. Our company is responsible for customer training, and lifelong technical support, tracking customer feedback, timely provide our practical advice. The after-sales team will provide response and service within 36 hours. I have thousands of warehouse in Beijing, to ensure the supply of spare parts. Establish good relationship with customers and learn from each other in cooperation.



The carpin after-sales team goes out and the foreign engineers come in

Carpin after-sales team went overseas to learn the essence and details of overseas. Experienced the scene of snow-making unit assembly workshop, observed the machine forming process, understood the equipment performance, learned product debugging, and understood the later maintenance of products.

Regular return visit, understand the equipment situation, systematic professional technical training, boost the partners to improve professional services.

In addition to practical issues such as machine maintenance, the carbin ski group also offers theoretical training based on product practices,

Every year, experts will be organized to come to China to learn the basic knowledge of domestic snowmaking machines and other ski equipment

Training, deepen theoretical knowledge, easy to solve various problems encountered in the process of practice.