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The snow and ice carving industry in Beijing institute of relying on Beijing carving ski group ice rich practical experience in the field of industry in China, *, technical advantage and power position first, aims to build a set of industry planning practice, and research, consulting services and personnel training in an open, innovative and leading think-tank platform, ice and snow.

The snow and ice carving industry research institute in Beijing on China's major issues and strategic issues in the snow and ice industry development, the government planning, development of ice and snow industry positioning, industry system and industry chain, industry structure, space layout, the economic and social impact on the environment, market analysis, industry sustainable development to make the systematic scientific investigation and analysis. The institute has set up a professional research team, including * shenzhen and foreign industry experts, * level consultants and researchers, technical experts, site planning and design experts, and Chinese * ski * army, with an average industry experience of more than 10 years. Team members are involved in the business related to the winter Olympics, such as personnel training for the winter Olympics and site planning for the winter Olympics.


Ice and snow culture BBS report



Many people think that the world's first skiing appeared in Europe and the United States, but shan zhaojian does not think so. In its 1993's "the practice how to ski," he put forward "the cradle of skiing may altay region in China, then the subject for more than ten years of hard research, the altay ancient snowboarding and skiing culture mining, MAO wrote" in China's xinjiang altay region is the earliest human skiing originated the research course of documentary ". On January 14, 2015 solstice 18, he convened Norway, Sweden, Finland and other 18 countries more than 30 ski history experts, held the "altay: the oldest ski region of mankind -- 2015 altay international ancient ski culture exchange seminar. The meeting issued the altay declaration: altay, xinjiang, China is the most important ancient ski area in the world.


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