Carving Ski

Mountain mapping plate

1. Mountain survey

2. Measurement and drawing

Indoor ski resort

1. Market research
2. Planning and positioning
3. Site design
4. Theme packaging

Ski resort planning and design

1. the new ski resort survey, site selection
2. Prepared the feasibility study report of ski resort
3. ski resort technical assessment and exploration report preparation
4. Detailed plan and design
5. Ice and snow competition venue design

Ski resort upgrading

1. Quality improvement planning of the ski resort
2. Four seasons operation project planning of ski resort

Ski slope construction design

1. Ski slope construction drawing design
2. Construction drawing design of snow making system
3. Construction drawing design of ski slope drainage system
4. Construction drawing design of ski slope safety protection system
5. Site construction guidance

Ice and snow theme planning

1. Development and site selection of ice and snow amusement places
2. Ski resort snow and ice tourism product design
3. Amusement mode design
4. Entertainment project planning


Ski resort (new + upgrade) Indoor ski resort



1、Industry listed company


Carpin skiing is a listed enterprise in the industry, has been adhering to the "integrity of cooperation, for the sake of customers" planning and design principle, to provide customers with professional services customized, sustainable development of the full range of solutions, so that customers with more economic investment, later access to greater operational security. We reject a one-shot deal.

2、Large planning team


As a new industry, ski planning and design talent is rare. At present, the company planning and design team has nearly 30 people, far more than other companies in the industry. It has an independent, formal, systematic planning and design team system, with professional ability and process collaboration, to ensure customers' ski resort business quality and quantity, complete on time.

3、Has two domestic ski planning and design masters


Carving ski together the domestic authority planning experts, domestic ski industry veteran planning experts and scholars single old (ChanZhaoJian), dong (Dong Lin mode) : single always the original two Asian winter ski union the original technology, director of the China association of ski technology consultant, is engaged in the ski industry nearly 60 years, has written many ski related books, is a flag of China skiing culture; Dong Lao is the site design consultant for the 2022 winter Olympics ski events, serving several large ski resorts, including yabuli, wanda changbai mountain upgrade, chongli and other large domestic ski resorts.

Carving Ski
Carving Ski
Carving Ski
Carving Ski

4、The core staff started from the first line of ski resort


Carving ski the planning and design of the core staff has more than 20 years of history, most of them are from the China's earliest ski yabuli ski resort, the skilled workers from the most trail walking step by step, has been running the world's big ski resorts, rich experience in a line, professional technology literacy, from the altitude, slope to width, makes them more focus on the trail of every detail.

Carving Ski

5、Alliance Alps alliance project development co. LTD


The world's top planning and design force of cabin ski alliance has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world-renowned alpine alliance project development co., LTD. Its China office is based at its ski headquarters in cubbin. Its President Werner Ma Gerui, al (FIS) is a joint international snow senior senior adviser, world famous ski resort planning and design experts, planning and design and guide the construction of the multiple bear international ski slopes, Austria in 2001 SAN Anton man in the world in the Alps ski championship runs, the first innsbruck winter youth Olympic Games and ski slopes, chairman of the field and other famous ski slopes is the equipment design.

Carving Ski

6、Because throughout the entire industrial chain, so the design is more landing


As a one-stop solution service provider of ski resorts in the industry, carbin ski has its business covering mountain mapping, planning and design, equipment and equipment, personal equipment, operation and management, investment management and so on. In the planning and design of the ski resort, practical problems such as equipment entering the ski resort and personal equipment experience can be fully considered in the later stage, and the overall planning can avoid closed-door construction, which can avoid many problems of the ski resort.

Carving Ski


Go to the rok to learn advanced ideas

The company organized planning and design team, went to South Korea field trip, travel all over the six ski resorts, personally learn the advanced foreign ski resort planning and design concept

Carving Ski


Regularly participate in high-end BBS and exhibitions in the industry

Regularly participate in ISPO exhibition and BBS of ice and snow industry peak every year, communicate with ski industry professionals from around the world, and learn cutting-edge planning and design concepts and ski resort operation and management concepts 

Carving Ski


Establishment of strategic research institute

China sports research center, Peking University
China ski industry association
Heilongjiang ice and snow industry research institute
Snow and ice data on
Net ski channel and other professional organizations

Carving Ski


Ski origin and industry standardization research

Shan zhaojian, senior consultant of the company, drafted the 2015 BBS report on the ancient ski culture of China · altay international, to re-explore the origin of ski culture and provide technical research for the planning and design of ski resorts.