Zhang Hongjun

Chairman of Beijing varving skiing He was the pioneer, builder and manager of yabuli ski resort, the earliest ski resort in China. During this period, he devoted himself to research, worked hard and practiced bravely, and quickly stood out in the first mass skiing field. He has decades of practical experience in Chinese ski resort site selection, planning, construction and management. It has built, operated and managed several large ski resorts, such as Beijing badaling ski resort, Beijing huaibei international ski resort and shenyang international ski resort. To become the leader of ski resort site planning and operation management. Now it has become a recognized expert of Chinese ski equipment technology and Chinese snow making system in the industry, and has been invited as a visiting professor of equipment operation and management of ski resorts in heilongjiang ice and snow industry research institute.

Shan Zhaojian

Beijing carpin senior ski consultant Ski resort planning and design senior authority experts Has been skiing for 60 years China's first national skiing champion Former director of the ski division of the general administration of sport of China Former secretary general of China ski association Former technical director of Asian biathlon federation He is the technical consultant of China ski association He was awarded the "contribution chapter for sports work of the People's Republic of China" by the general administration of international sport Won the international ski organization's "single icon - contribution to world skiing" special medal Participated in the site selection, planning and demonstration of major and important ski resorts in China, and accumulated rich experience. In the site selection and planning of the ski resort, it pays attention to the safety, environmental protection, operability and implementation of the planning, and becomes an expert and scholar in the planning and design of the ski resort in China. He is the author of many skiing monographs, such as the guiding laws and regulations book "Chinese ski place management norms". The initiator and organizer of the academic research "China • xinjiang • altay is the earliest origin of human skiing", and finally formed the altay declaration.

Dong Linmo

Vice President of Beijing carving skiing Beijing kabin xuexing world ski resort planning and design co., LTD. General manager senior engineer Ski event venue design consultant for 2022 winter Olympics Since entering the ski field in the middle of last century, he has served as the chief of yabuli ski resort in China, deputy director of the site equipment committee of China ski association, and executive director of China cableway association. In addition to participating in the site selection, planning, design, project approval and operation management of many ski resorts in China, I have also focused on the planning, construction and management of dozens of ski resorts in North America, Europe, Asia and other countries. During this period, I have accumulated rich practical experience, and mastered the systematic skills of site selection, planning and design, theoretical discussion, construction and implementation, operation and management of ski resort. Having participated in the third Asian winter games, the 24th world university winter games and several winter Olympic Games, I am the only senior expert in the field design of large-scale international winter games in China.

Yu Yang

Vice President of Beijing carving skiing General manager of Beijing carving ski sports development co., LTD As a practitioner of Chinese ski culture research, she has been engaged in the ice and snow industry for nearly 10 years, focusing on the planning and landing of ski resorts, the research and inheritance and innovation of ice and snow culture, and the integration of ice and snow industry resources. Actively participated in various domestic and international ice and snow culture, ice and snow industry BBS and academic seminars, and visited Austria, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other places to exchange and discuss the history of ski culture development and historical and cultural research related to skiing. The company has created a service model with Chinese characteristics, which includes "ice and snow tourism product design, brand image packaging, large-scale event planning, etc." based on the perspective of the operator of the snow and ice resort, the company has devoted itself to exploring a new service concept suitable for the future development of China's ice and snow industry.

He Hongli

Vice President of Beijing carving skiing Deputy general manager of Beijing carving ski sports development co., LTD Senior engineer Engaged in the ski industry for nearly 20 years, participated in the planning, design and construction guidance of Beijing huaibei international ski resort, shenyang slope international ski resort and other ski resorts, and independently directed the construction and operation of several well-known ski resorts in China, with rich practical experience in the whole process from planning, design, construction to opening.

Yin Lei

Board secretary of Beijing carving ski group I have more than 10 years of auditing experience in large accounting firms, and I have conducted auditing for many companies' new third board and IPO listing. Responsible for establishing and improving the company's financial management system, formulating the company's fund operation plan, and supervising the fund management; Participate in the analysis and decision-making of the company's important issues, provide financial analysis for the enterprise's production and operation, business development and foreign investment.

Li Zhonghui

Senior engineer of Beijing caring xuexingxia ski resort planning and design co., LTD I have been engaged in the ski industry for nearly 20 years. I am a member of the site construction team of yabuli ski resort, an early ski resort in China. Planning adhering to the combination of international and local design concept, participate in chongli four seasons town ski resort, Beijing huaibei international Planning, design and implementation of domestic famous projects such as ski resort, shenyang slope international ski resort and hebei langya mountain ski resort Guide the whole process of construction, especially have professional precise planning and rich practical experience in the fixed-point layout of the piste.

Dai Sen

With many years of project management experience, I am good at mountain survey, surveying and mapping in the early stage of the project, construction drawing design of ski trails, and pile setting and setting work in the later stage. Numerous successful cases, has been responsible for the design and planning of many large ski resorts, such as hebei langya mountain ski resort, altay general mountain ski resort (upgrading and renovation), yunnan wumeng mountain ski resort, shanxi wujin mountain li ning international ski resort.

Wei Gaihua

Wei Gaihua General Manager of Beijing carving snow travel world ski resort planning and design co., ltd., responsible for the whole process management and program compilation of dozens of projects of different categories and scales, such as Altay mountains Koktokay international skiing resort project), Hebei Fulong four seasons ski resorts, Hebei Langya mountain ski resort, Shanxi li Ning international ski resort, Sichuan Guangyuan Zengjiashan ski resort, etc.and so on dozens of different types, different scale of project management and in the whole process of the scheme.

Bi Chaofeng

Bi Chaofeng CAO, engaged in administrative human resources management for 15 years. Graduated from Inner Mongolia Institute of Light Industry and Technology in 2001, joined Mengniu Dairy (Ulanhot) Business Division in the same year, served as the performance appraiser of equipment department and performance appraisal director of general Manager office, responsible for the company's performance appraisal work. From 2013 to 2017, entered the skiing industry and served as the administrative director of Shenyang Yahao Ski Industry Group. Fully responsible for the daily work of the company's office and the operation and management of the ski resort. Joined Carving Group in 2018 and was mainly responsible for office and project sales.

Li Jie

Li Jie Production and after-sales director, graduated from Inner Mongolia Xingan League Technical College in 1996 electrical engineering and automation major, assigned to Wuzhou Hardware and Wire Factory as the workshop electrician supervisor, mainly responsible for the workshop electrical equipment maintenance, repair. Join Carving Group in January 2021, responsible for equipment assembly, installation, commissioning and after - sales maintenance. 25 years of working experience, good at personnel management, equipment management, production management, systematic management.

Li Baoying

Li Baoying R&d engineer, in-depth research and development of machinery and equipment for more than 40 years, leading the Carving Group professional team to independently research and develop, create high-efficiency atomization, uniform nuclearization nozzles and nuclear devices and other key components, develop efficient and intelligent snowmaking equipment in different regions and climates-Carbine Snow Machine, to achieve independence Innovate and renew to promote the sustainable development of domestic ice and snow equipment. In addition, design and produce a variety of ski resort equipment such as snowboard racks, snow shoe racks, snow shoe drying and disinfecting machines, snow shoe drying storage racks and snow tanks.

Qu Song

Qu Song