Carving Ski

Carving international ski school

Carving sent the school management team to entrust the investors with effective management of the ski school. Learn from international excellent ski school management mode and experience, train excellent ski instructor talents for Chinese ski resorts, improve the satisfaction of ski guests, and help ski resorts create brand value.

Carving international ski school by the international * professional ski instructor trainer with the examiner, and domestic ski professional ski instructor education and school management research elite team, on the basis of the domestic ski school successful management experience, the introduction of the international mature instructor training and certification system, to provide a perfect from zero ski instructor to high * teaching service system.

  • School operation management, including the establishment of organizational structure, operation and management personnel training, as well as various process management documents.
    Ski-instructor talent management, which includes training, certification, salary system setting, and printed textbooks.
    Customer-oriented teaching system, including ski technology teaching method, customer-oriented teaching service concept and method.
    Design of teaching products including product types and prices.


Based on the in-depth market analysis and the current situation of party a, the company provides customized professional training services, and provides party a with a complete set of operation standard system, quality supervision system and performance appraisal system of the ski resort. Through professional and systematic training, the company can achieve better economic benefits.

Ski resort operation training

Marketing, cashier, customer service, snow shop management, snow making, venue and other departments of service skills training

Ski resort management training

Department coordination management training (process, system, collaboration, authority), etc

Middle management training

Middle management training, mainly for operation cost control and management skills training

Professional technical management training

Middle and junior managers
Senior management

Venue operation and management

Operation process
Event organization
Customer service

Site development and maintenance

Snow roller operation and maintenance
Snow technology and equipment maintenance
Snowmobile operation and maintenance

Mountain sports trauma and rescue

Mountain rescue talents
Physical therapist

Mountain sports and coaching

Intermediate ski instructor
Senior ski instructor

Upgrade equipment installation, operation and maintenance

Cableway electrical maintenance technician
Cableway mechanic maintenance technician
Cableway safety management talent


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