Paana pressure snowmobiles



Specification parameters:
Engine model Cummins QSB 4.5
Cylinder number 4
The displacement is 4.5l / 1.19 gal
Horsepower output (ECE) 86 kW / 115 HP
Exhaust emission standard euro 3A
Maximum torque is 488 Nm at 1,500 RPM
The tank capacity is 120 l / 31.7 gal
Fuel consumption 10 l/h
Weight aluminum crawler tare 3,000 kg steel crawler tare 3,100 kg
Total weight limit 3,750 kg 3,850 kg driving characteristics
Speed, continuous variable 0-20 km/h
Turning radius turning in place
Feature description:
PistenBully Paana has first-class technology and reliability, excellent cost performance and low operation and maintenance cost. The snowpress is equipped with a two-stage snow plough system, which can finish the dressing of cross-country ski tracks in one time, ensuring that it meets the FIS standard. Snow plows move only surface snow (0-40 mm). The snow plough can directly trim the cross-country ski runs, which can be adjusted between 0-60mm by the ski run setting device. Make sure the trail setting device has a long service life in any type of snow (fresh or old, dry or wet, soft or hard). The smallest "PistenBully Paana" is just 2.10 meters wide, making it ideal for narrow forest trails or mountaineering trails. Single cab is equipped with heating device, excellent sound insulation effect. Large Windows ensure good visibility on all four sides. PistenBully Paana is extremely easy to operate.
Applicable to play snow paradise
Sales price (ten thousand yuan) :