Carving Snow snowmaking



Technical highlights
● large diameter rotary disc can be used to adjust the rotation Angle 360°, making the work more stable and covering a wider area;
● the swing head adopts multi-gear clutch, making the swing head Angle more accurate and flexible, with low failure rate;
● original dip Angle negative pressure nuclear device, more fully mixing of water and air, better atomization effect, better snow quality, and low energy consumption;
● using internal and external dual nucleon system, more suitable for high temperature and high humidity climate, increase snow production;
● tripod of snow making machine adopts double fulcrum structure. The inner fulcrum is used for transportation and loading. The external fulcrum is used to make the snow machine more stable.
● automatic fault alarm system is adopted to comprehensively monitor the working condition of water system and electrical system.
Technical parameters of Bai Ze
Overall dimension: 1998x1480x2490mm
Total mass: 800kg
Rated voltage: 380V
Fan: 15 kw
Air compressor: 5.5 kw
Shaking head motor: 0.18kw
Heating: 3 kw
Total power: 23.68kw
Nucleon: 24
Water nozzles: 72
Water interface: 2 inches
Rotation range: 360°
Maximum water flow: 42㎡/h
Maximum snow production: 107㎡/h
Head: 71 m